In brief…

I’m Reader in Ecosystem Ecology at the Lancaster Environment Centre and a Research Associate at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute.

Being an ecosystem ecologist essentially means that I’m interested in everything. My main research focus is the role of plant-soil interactions in ecosystem responses to change. I use a range of techniques and combine field experiments with lab-work and observational studies.

When not doing research or other related activities, I spend a lot of time doing public engagement (especially at Glastonbury Festival) being creative and enjoying all kinds of music.


I’m currently involved in collaborative research in the UK, Germany and Panama, including two projects on grassland adaptation to climate change at the Buxton Climate Change Impacts Laboratory with colleagues at the University of Liverpool. I’m also working on forest soil responses to elevated CO2  (FACE Underground) with colleagues at the Universities of Birmingham, Exeter and Gloucestershire and investigating forest soil responses to drought in the Kranzberg Roof project in Bavaria, with colleagues at the Technical University of Munich. I’ve been involved in the Gigante Litter Man

My previous projects include the ERC-funded ForestPrime, a large project under NERC’s Human-Modified Tropical Forests programme, investigating Biodiversity, ecosystem function and policy across a tropical forest modification gradient in Malaysian Borneo

Other activities

I’m dedicated to science communication and am part of the organising team for ‘Sex and Bugs and Rock ‘n Roll‘, which celebrates ecology at music festivals.


I’m Reviews Editor for Functional Ecology and I’m a very active member of the British Ecological Society (BES)  where I’ve held so many roles that I was awarded the BES Award 2018 in recognition of exceptional service to the ecological community.  I’m also the Lancaster University Management Board member for the Soils Training and Research Studentships (STARS) Centre for Doctoral Training and I really enjoy running skills training workshops for early career researchers.

Follow me on Researchgate.


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