Research Assistants

biancoBiancolini Royk Castro Trujillo is full-time research assistant in Panama. He has worked as a research assistant for various projects at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama since 2005. he has been involved in censuses of the 50-ha forest dynamics plot for the Centre for Tropical Forest Science (CTFS) and the PRORENA project for reforestation
with native species.


IMG_0940[1]Catherine Baxendale worked as a part-time research assistant for ForestPrime in the UK from 2014-2016. She completed her PhD ‘Linking plant functional traits to microbial functional diversity, plant soil interactions and ecosystem processes‘ at Lancaster University in 2013.


Mariana Franco Hincapié completed a one-year internship working as a research assistant on TreeMeasur_Forestprime_Gigante_1the FORESTPRIME experiments in Panama with Laetitia and Bianco. Mariana has a bachelor’s degree with honors in Biology with a minor in Microbiology and Parasitology from the Universidad de Panamá.


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