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Lopez-Sangil L, Hartley I, Rovira P, Casals P, Sayer EJ (2018) Drying-rewetting cycles differentially affect the mineralization of fresh plant litter and extant soil organic matter. Soil Biology and Biochemistry in press, doi: 10.1016/j.soilbio.2018.06.001.

Xu S, Li P, Sayer EJ, Zhang B, Wang J, Qiao C, Peng Z, Diao L, Chi Y, Liu W, & Liu L (2018) Initial soil organic matter content influences the storage and turnover of litter-, root- and soil carbon. Ecosystems in press, doi: 1007/s10021-018-0227-3.

Bréchet L, Lopez-Sangil L, George C, Birkett, A, Baxendale C, Castro Trujillo B, Sayer EJ (2018) Distinct responses of soil respiration to experimental litter manipulation in temperate woodland and tropical forest. Ecology & Evolution, 8:3787-3796, doi:10.1002/ece3.3945.

Sheldrake M, Rosenstock MP, Mangan S, Revillini D, Sayer EJ, Olsson PA, Wallander H, Tanner EVJ, Wright SJ, Turner BL (2018). Effects of long-term inorganic and organic nutrient addition on arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal abundance and community in a lowland tropical forest. ISME Journal, in press, doi:10.1038/s41396-018-0189-7.

Gora EM, Sayer EJ, Turner BL, Tanner EVJ (2018) Experimental manipulation of long-term wood decomposition: the roles of forest litter and soil nutrient availability. Functional Ecology 32:1128-1138.

Xu S, Li P, Sayer EJ, Zhang B, Wang J, Qiao C, Peng Z, Diao L, Chi Y, Liu W, & Liu L (2018) Initial soil organic matter content influences the storage and turnover of litter-, root- and soil carbon. Ecosystems, in press, doi: 10.1007/s10021-018-0227-3.

Beiroz W, Sayer EJ, Slade E, Audino L, Braga R, Louzada J, Barlow J (2018) Spatial and temporal shifts in functional and taxonomic diversity of dung beetles in a human-modified tropical forest landscape. Ecological Indicators 95:518-526.

Wang F, Ding Y, Sayer EJ, Li Q, Zou B, Mo Q, Li Y, Lu X, Tang J, Zhu W, Li Z (2017) Tropical forest restoration: fast resilience of plant biomass contrasts with slow recovery of stable soil C stocks. Functional Ecology 31:2344–2355.

Laird-Hopkins BC, Brechet LM, Sayer EJ (2017) Tree functional diversity effects on litter decomposition and arthropod community composition in a tropical forest. Biotropica 49:903-911.

Lopez-Sangil L, Brechet LM, George C, Baxendale C, Birkett A, Sayer EJ (2017) The Automated Root Exudate System (ARES): a method to apply solutes at regular intervals to soils in the field. Methods in Ecology and Evolution. doi: 10.1111/2041-210X.12764

Sayer EJ, Oliver AE, Fridley JD, Askew A, Mills RTE, Grime JP (2017) Long-term drought affects soil microbial communities via plant functional traits. Ecology & Evolution 7: 855–862.

Brechet LM, Le Dantec V, Ponton S, Sayer EJ, Bonal D. Freycon V, Hättenschwiler S, Roy J, & Epron D. (in press) Short- and long-term influence of litter quality and quantity on simulated heterotrophic soil respiration in a lowland tropical forest. Ecosystems. doi:10.1007/s10021-016-0104-x

Sheldrake M, Rosenstock N, Revillini D, Olsson PA, Mangan S, Sayer EJ, Turner BL, Tanner EVJ (2017). Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal community composition is altered by long-term litter removal but not litter addition in a lowland tropical forest. New Phytologist. doi: 10.1111/nph.14384.

Beiroz W, Slade E, Barlow J, Silveira J, Louzada J & Sayer EJ (2016). Dung beetle community dynamics in undisturbed tropical forests: implications for ecological evaluations of land-use change. Insect Conservation and Diversity. doi:10.1111/icad.12206.

Chen Y, Sayer EJ, Li Z, Mo Q, Li Y, Ding Y, Wang J, Lu X, Tang J, Wang F (2016) Nutrient limitation of coarse woody debris decomposition in a secondary tropical forest: Contrasting effects of N and P addition. Functional Ecology, 30:295-304.

Sayer EJ, Featherstone H, Gosling WD & the BES Roadies (2014). Sex & Bugs & Rock ‘n Roll – Creativity in Public Engagement. Trends in Ecology and Evolution, 29:65-67.

Xu S, Liu L & Sayer EJ. (2013) Variability of aboveground litter inputs alters soil physicochemical and biological processes: a meta-analysis of litterfall-manipulation experiments. Biogeosciences, 10: 5245-5272.

Sayer EJ, Wagner M, Pywell RF, Oliver AE, Whiteley AS, James P & Heard MS. (2013) Grassland management effects on community composition and small-scale spatial distribution of plants, bacteria and fungi. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 61: 61-68.

Ashford OS, Foster WA, Turner BL, Sayer EJ, Sutcliffe L & Tanner, EVJ. (2013) Litter manipulation and the soil arthropod community in a lowland tropical rainforest. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 62: 5-12.

Meyer ST, Neubauer M, Sayer EJ, Leal IR, Tabarelli M & Wirth R. Leaf-cutting ants as ecosystem engineers: topsoil and litter perturbations around Atta cephalotes nests reduce nutrient availability. Entomological Ecology. doi: 10.1111/een.12043

Sayer EJ, Tanner EVT, Wright SJ, Yavitt JB, Harms KE, Powers JS, Kaspari M, Garcia MN & Turner BL. (2012) Variable responses of lowland tropical forest nutrient status in response to fertilization and litter manipulation. Ecosystems, 15: 387-400.

Sayer EJ, Heard MS, Grant HK, Marthews TR & Tanner EVJ (2011). Soil carbon release enhanced by increased tropical forest litterfall. Nature Climate Change, 1: 304-307.

Wright SJ, Yavitt JB, Wurzburger N, Turner BL, Tanner EVJ, Sayer EJ, Santiago LS, Kaspari M, Hedin LO, Harms KE, Garcia MN & Corre MD (2011). Potassium, phosphorus or nitrogen limit root allocation, tree growth and litter production in a lowland tropical forest. Ecology, 92: 1616–1625.

Sayer EJ & Tanner EVT (2010) Experimental investigation of the importance of litterfall in lowland tropical forest nutrient cycling. Journal of Ecology, 98: 1052-1062.

Sayer EJ & Tanner EVJ (2010). A new approach to trenching experiments for measuring root-rhizosphere respiration in a lowland tropical forest. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 42:347-352.

Sayer EJ, Sutcliffe L, Ross R. & Tanner EVJ (2010). Arthropod abundance and diversity in the forest floor of a lowland tropical forest: the role of habitat space vs. nutrient concentrations. Biotropica, 42:194-200.

Sayer EJ, Powers JS & Tanner EVJ (2007). Increased litterfall in tropical forests boosts the transfer of soil CO2 to the atmosphere. PLoS One, 2 (12) e1299.

Sayer EJ (2006). Using experimental litter manipulation to assess the roles of leaf litter in the functioning of forest ecosystems. Biological Reviews, 81: 1-31.

Sayer EJ, Tanner EVJ & Cheesman AW (2006). Increased litterfall changes fine root distribution in a moist tropical forest. Plant and Soil, 281: 5-13.

Sayer EJ, Tanner EVJ & Lacey AL (2006). Litter quantity affects early-stage decomposition and meso-arthropod abundance in a moist tropical forest. Forest Ecology & Management, 229: 285-293.

Sayer EJ & Newbery DM (2003). The role of tree size in the leafing phenology of a seasonally dry tropical forest in Belize, Central America. Journal of Tropical Ecology, 19: 539-548.

Book chapters:

Sayer EJ & Banin LF (2016). Tree nutrient status and nutrient cycling in tropical 1 forest – lessons from fertilization experiments. In: Tropical Tree Physiology (eds. G Goldstein G and LS Santiago), Springer.

Other articles:

Book review:

Sayer, EJ (2014) The Forest for the Trees. Frontiers in Biogeography 6:159-161.

The Functional Ecology Short Guide to Scientific Writing.

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